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Add a sweet touch to your special day

the Basic package

So, picture this... You're hosting a party and everyone is having a blast! You're walking around knowing you absolutely killed it and the best is yet to come. As your socializing with your guests and celebrating whatever it is you're celebrating, the big pink ice cream truck comes rolling around the corner! You're guests are so excited and you've basically just won Coolest Party Of The Year Award! They're going to be even more excited once they find out that they get a medium scoop, choice of cup or cone AND they can add sprinkles!! Who doesn't love sprinkles?! 


Scoopwich package

If you're reading this and wondering what a Scoopwich is..... you need one in your life IMMEDIATELY! A Scoopwich is what we, in the ice cream biz, like to call Heaven On Earth! Yes, it is that good. Yes, we are absolutely biased. Basically, a Scoopwich is a dream team of the most ooey gooey chocolate chunk cookies and one of our amazing premium ice cream flavors. We squeeze 'em together and serve 'em rolled or naked. We let you choose a couple of flavors and couple of toppings for a customized experienced. If you're looking for something unforgettable, different and extremely delicious, we've got you covered!

Sundae package

So you really want to WOW your guests??? Go big or go home with the Sundae package! We have crafted a large list of decadent sundaes for you to chose from. S'more Please, When Life Gives You Lemons, Cookie Overload, Bacon Me Crazy.. just to name a few! This package is new to 2021 and it will be a dessert that you and your guests will never forget!

Birthday Party with Ice Cream

drop off package

As much as we love our big pink truck, sometimes it's not ideal. We understand that small get togethers deserve great ice cream too so we are here to help! We have figured out a way to cater to smaller parties/ gatherings that just want some great ice cream! You get all the great flavors and options, just with out the big pink truck! 

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